Mailing List Archive Project Test Plan

General approach to testing is to send various messages to the list archiver, and use the web pages to display the results

  1. Test archiving
    1. Test archiving standard email
    2. Test archiving email without a subject
    3. Test archiving reply to subjectless email
    4. Test archiving minimal email (telnet host smtp)
    5. Test resending identical message (telnet host smtp)
    6. Archiving capacity load test
  2. Test display of message
    1. Select several different messages, check display against database contents and mail saved in email client
  3. Test searching for messages
    1. restrict date range
      1. Different date formats
      2. Valid dates with expected data
      3. Valid dates with no data expected
      4. limit only beganing and then limit only end of range
      5. Enter invalid dates but in valid format
      6. Enter dates in an invalid format

      For each of the following search tests - enter value with expected hit(s), and value without expected hit(s). Also check that messages are not displayed multiple times
    2. Search for specific subject words
    3. Search for specific senders
    4. Search for any header text not in subject or from - e.g., sending machine
    5. Search for any body text
    6. Search for text anywhere in message
    7. Enter garbage or huge search strings
  4. Test sorting of message lists
    1. Sort messages by date default behavior
    2. Sort messages by sender
    3. Sort messages by subject
  5. Test selection of message header display
    1. When no message is displayed, change setting
    2. When message is displayed, change setting
    3. Check each setting
    4. Check persistance of setting across netscape invokations

Archiving tests

Searching tests

Test sorting of message lists

Test selection of message header display

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