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Mailing List Archive Project

Mailing List Archive Project

What the heck is this thing ?

    A few months ago - I was looking for decent solution to do mailing list archiving with. All the solutions that I found had either a crappy user interface, limited search capabilities, inefficent storage, or all three.

    So, this project was born. It's pretty simple, all it does is archive email in a SQL database with a nice PHP front end, and full text search capabilities.

    Here's a screenshot of the current version. 180k jpeg

How to get it



  • Demonstrate web development and web server technologies on linux
  • Create a searchable nice looking mailing list archive for Open Source Mailing list
  • Have no practical limit on age or amount of mail archived
  • Be able to search mail archive with a reasonable response time


Test Plan


Source code:

Old status stuff

  • Database created
  • Perl script to save messages created
  • All prior messages stored in database archive
  • open-source-archive mail alias setup on host, and subscribed to list. All mail traffic now archived.
  • Archived mail in a nicely displayed format via frames
  • Basic searching and date range limiting implemented
  • Default date range implemented
  • Announced to mailing list and made publicly available
  • Development version moved to it's own directory
  • Using RCS for source code control
  • Did rest of work to impliment seperate production and development versions. Have two databases - mail_archive_development and mail_archive_production
  • the initial list of messages is date limited to the last N days
  • Fixed message search to take multiple date formats
  • Changed message search criteria radio button to a text selector to save room.
  • Message header display setting
  • Changing mail archive script to create MD5 across headers instead of entire message
  • Since 1 database will handle multiple mailing lists instead of 1 database per list, rename the database to something more sane.
  • A link to the perl source code is in this document
  • Fix color scheme on archive display
  • Test plan created
  • Make database definition consistant
  • Fix php database source code to be non-postgres specific
  • Extend db to handle multiple lists
  • Extend mail archive script to handle multiple lists
  • Extend message search and message list display to handle multiple lists
  • Objectified the database interface in development
  • Objectified mail messages in development
  • Updated most of source code for new object interface in development
  • Determine what user prefs to save, and create a mechanism for saving them.
  • Fix message searches to be non-case sensitive

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